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Raven Teen Titan in 3D

Raven Teen Titan in 3D

I thought for fun that I could create a low poly character and texture it to look awesome! (which it is not by far!) Anyway, I’ll post the finished result when I’m finished!



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Raven Belt Tutorial Type Thing!

First thing I’m going to note is that I used a dremel for a lot of this. For safety reasons, you should wear a mask and goggles, because resin dust stings when it’s in your throat and hurts when it’s in your eyes (as I learned, from not having either of these things). Safety first!

1. First thing was getting the gems. I cast my gems out of Castin’ Craft’s Easy Cast epoxy resin. I use the transparent dye. I pretty much just follow the instructions that gives me, so there’s not much really to say here. I’ve got a full picture of the gems here. (Also for information on the molds I used, go here!)

2. Once all the gems were cast and good, I took a Dremel and cut notches into the sides of each gem so the chain of the belt would fit there. Do this only for the belt ones! The brooch I dremeled down the edges a bit so it’d fit into the ring better, which I explain a little better in step 4.

The belt itself I made with 2.5” rings and a chain that I opened the rings of and took apart. These things I picked up from our leather supply store. To get the length I wanted, originally I had five links of chain in between each ring, but that was really big, so I made it four. It’s probably about 36” around? It sits comfortably on top of my hips.

3. Normally I like using a better quality adhesive, but for my purposes, I used hot glue. The belt is glued on top of the gems, with the chain lining up with the notches.

4. NOT SHOWN! Because the gems were a little bigger than the rings, I took the Dremel again and beveled the edges of the back to have a smoother transition from the ring to the gem, and also to get rid of the sharp edge. This could also be done with sandpaper, it’d just take longer. This is especially where you’d need the mask and goggles because there are a lot of pieces flying everywhere.

5. I used a gold foil that I picked up at Curry’s for the backing, which I just carefully glued around the edges. I tried putting my gems on a bunch of different colours to see which colour I personally liked best as the backing, and chose gold. Had I made the gems darker, I probably would have picked silver. I also added a pin backing to the one that’s my brooch.

And that’s how I did it!

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The Funfair

This was a project five classmates and I were assigned to create. The objects I created were the cogwheels, the hot air balloon, the “chairs” (on the different rides), and the teddy bear. Enjoy!

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Test Of Robot Animation For Next Sunday

Here’s a test of my animation! At the moment, it’s not doing much, but it’s only the beginning!

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Sketch of Natalie Portman

A sketch I drew back in 2012. Enjoy!

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A SAI Tutorial

An old tutorial I made for an art program called Paint Tool SAI aka SAI, enjoy!

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Thane Krios

A while back, I was working on digital painting, and as a test, I tried to paint one of my favourite characters from Mass Effect 2.

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Bouncing Ball

This is a render animation I’ve made for my hand-in tonight created in 3Ds Max, enjoy!

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Venus Hand-In

My hand-in in 3D Graphic Design this semester! Finally done! Everything in this image is created by me, hence the hair texture.

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3D Hair Mesh

So, I have my hand-in on Tuesday, and I’m stressing like hell! Look, hair! Enjoy!

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My Last Hand-In For 3D Graphic Design

My Last Hand-In For 3D Graphic Design

This is how far I’ve gotten on my task for 3D graphic design. I’m not nearly finished, but for those who wish to learn how to do this, I’ll post links below. Enjoy!

3D Modeling A Mouth In 3Ds Max
3D Modeling A Character

3D Modelled Head by ~beeccy on deviantART

3D Head

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Definition Of Forever by Oritasho

Here’s a uncompleted, yet nice series by Oritasho. Enjoy!

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The Lost Children by Dreamweaver Films

Here’s a lovely series that a Youtuber by the name Dreamweaver Films has posted. Enjoy!

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Use your time well

It’s funny how much time we are given, and how much time goes away. If there was one thing that I realized a year ago, is that we never have enough time, or is it so? All our life we work so hard to do certain things, which, in the end, never really matters. What matters are the people around you and the life you create around them. I’m not saying that one can not follow their dreams, but there will always come a day where you choose what you wish to prioritise whether it’s work, or family. In the real world, you learn that sometimes you can’t do both. You’re suppose to “work to live”, not “live to work”. In the end, those you work for, can and will replace you if you don’t wish to work there anymore. Imagine if you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy with the life you’re living? Would you be happy with what you have accomplished? Was it worth it? Are you satisfied?