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Test entry

I’m having problems with accessing my site. Ignore this post

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Posted 1 week ago

3D Studio MAX – Cloth Pressure – Pillow by Lee Jackson

How to create a pillows, a tutorial that was introduced to me by a classmate. It can also be use for creating clothing!

Posted 1 week ago

Smoke with PFlow By 3DsMaxCookie

A tutorial to make smoke with the particle system! Enjoy!!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Justice League War Green Lantern And Batman

Spoilers for those who want to watch the movie! Don’t watch unless you want to! Enjoy!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Batman Comics by Dragonartez

Batman Comics by Dragonartez

Something I found to day, hilarious! Enjoy!





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Posted 2 weeks ago

Create Hair And Fur In 3Ds Max

Here’s a very useful tutorial to learn how to use hair and fur in 3Ds Max. Enjoy!

Posted 3 weeks ago

140402 Custom 3D Ring Design

My little project at the moment. I’m hoping that I’ll get to 3D print this and see how the result is! Enjoy!

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What are atoms? Enjoy!

Posted 1 month ago

Light In The Universe

What is light? Enjoy!

Posted 1 month ago


Here’s a nicely described information sheet with the description of what wind is. Enjoy!

Posted 1 month ago

Perspective Setting Up Perspective Grids In Photoshop By Clayton Barton

How to create scenes with perspective grids. Enjoy!

Posted 1 month ago

Let’s Play Hide And Seek By Bobsmade

Found this today! Thought it was shot on! Enjoy!

Posted 1 month ago

Rerendered Kitchen Hand-In

I just got my evaluation back, and I’m not happy with the result, so I’m trying to fix my render, and later the models to be picture perfect. This is the result so far! As you can see, it is a lot of work just getting the lighting right! Enjoy!







Up until this point (all the renders below), I couldn’t figure out where the extra light source came from –>









My hand-in:



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Posted 1 month ago

How To Paint Fire By Deohvi

An easy tutorial on how to paint fire. Enjoy!


First pick up a Brush set the fill option to 30, start making the basics of the fire you are going to do

Then copy the “Basics” layer and re size it, decrease the opacity to 40-20

After that pick the brush you were using and choose a lighter color and make a Random lines with a direction

With the pen tool draw a simple fire -it depends…

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Posted 1 month ago

Paintings Of Venus, Mythology

Back in 2005 (when I was 11) I painted a painting of Venus, and back in June (19) I decided to try painting it again!